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Relevant VIT standards of professional practice – for STS committee members

Contributing to STS committee, depending on the nature of what you choose to do, will enable you to reference some or all of the following VIT standards – specifically standards 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Professional knowledge

1. Teachers know how students learn and how to teach them effectively

Update knowledge of contemporary research into teaching and learning to support the development of effective practice for others in the profession.

Draw on knowledge of teaching practices to assist others in the profession to engage students in effective learning.

Update knowledge of how classroom and program design, use of resources and the structure of activities impact on learning.

2. Teachers know the content they teach

Support others within the profession to update and deepen understanding of the content they teach.

Broaden awareness of methodologies, technologies and resources which support content taught and support others in the profession to do so.


Professional practice

4. Teachers plan and assess for effective learning

Develop knowledge of students, content and pedagogy to establish clear and achievable learning goals for students and work with others in the profession to build effective learning programs.

Plan for and support the use of a range of activities to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all students

Update knowledge of assessment strategies to evaluate student learning, to provide feedback to students and their parents and to inform further planning for teaching and learning.

5. Teachers create and maintain safe and challenging learning environments

Use understanding about effective teaching and learning to develop, and assist others to develop, a positive learning environment

Develop capacity and support others to build learning environments that engage and challenge students and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning.

Support others in the profession to develop the range of strategies they use to establish and maintain clear and consistent expectations for students as learners.

6. Teachers use a range of teaching practices and resources to engage students in effective learning

Develop communication with…members of the profession to make learning programs explicit, to support the learning of…teachers, and to build effective relationships

Develop understanding of/or promote a range of teaching practices that result in effective teacher learning.

Broaden understanding of teaching and learning practices and resources used to support the effective practice of others in the profession.

Support others in the profession to use a range of strategies for providing meaningful feedback to students and their parents/carers about their developing knowledge and skills.

Professional engagement

7. Teachers reflect on, evaluate and improve their professional knowledge and practice

Work collaboratively with other members of the profession and engage in discussion of contemporary issues and research to improve professional practice.

Develop leadership, organisational and administrative skills to manage a range of non-teaching duties including curriculum and administrative leadership.

8. Teachers are active members of their profession

Work effectively with other professionals and members of the community to provide effective learning for students.

Promote learning, the value of education and the profession of teaching in the wider community.