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Science Talent Search
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Action learning through Science Talent Search

Science Talent Search is a state-wide competition open to all primary and secondary students. For more than 50 years it has led the way in innovative teaching and learning strategies in science. STS has been implementing VELS principles for decades. More information about STS.

The competition is administered almost entirely by a volunteer committee. More information about the committee.

Action learning opportunities

It is through this committee that hundreds of teachers have gained opportunities for valuable professional development not readily available elsewhere. At the same time they are participating in the administration of a worthwhile learning activity for students and contributing significantly to their profession and professional association. More detail about specific professional development opportunities gained through participation on STS committee.

Opportunities for action learning within the committee structure are substantial.

Other benefits

Your understanding of the Science Talent Search competition will also increase substantially and you will be able to confidently introduce the competition to your school if they don’t already participate, or more effectively implement it and guide students if they do participate.

This is an ideal opportunity to become involved with a dynamic group of committed professionals, develop your professional skills and participate in professional learning that will assist you to meet many VIT standards of professional practice.

STS committee involvement can be referenced to VIT standards of professional practice.

Certificates of acknowledgement

All active committee members are presented with certificates acknowledging their professional contribution at the end of each year. You are required to participate in committee activities for a minimum of one year to receive documented evidence of participation.

How to register for participation on STS committee

Complete an expression of interest form and fax it to STAV (Fax: 9386 3722) or email the STS project officer.

More information

Email STS project officer.