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Science Talent Search

Science Talent Search
The Science Talent Search (STS) is an annual, science based competition open to all primary and secondary students in Victoria, Australia. Science Talent Search fits closely with the Victorian Curriculum philosophy of teaching and learning. There is a close match between many STS sections and the Victorian Curriculum Learning Areas, Strands and Substrands.

STS Handbook

If you plan to enter the competition it is essential that you read the handbook carefully.

Take note of all of the general information at the front of the book
and ensure you check the specific guidelines for your chosen section.

STS Handbook 2021 - Available Now

Theme and Topics
The STS theme for 2022 is 'Glass: More than meets the eye'
There are set topics for Creative Writing and Posters/Scientific Wallcharts sections only.

For more information about the competition - its rules, conditions and guidelines, topics for Creative Writing and Posters/Scientific Wallcharts,
and how to enter - download our handbook.

STS Bursary book 2021View Bursary Book Online

Browse a copy of the most recent competition's Bursary Book to see winning entries and sponsors. Click Cover Image

BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards partnership with STS

The BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards are Australia’s most prestigious school science and engineering awards. The finalists are the most curious student researchers and innovators in the country. The Awards also recognise teachers who engage students in the study of open-ended investigations and work consistently within their school community and wider professional arenas to make an outstanding contribution to science education in Australia.


Teachers and students entering the Victorian Science Talent Search Experimental Research and Inventions categories may be entered into a national competition which may lead to prizes and opportunities, such as recognition as Finalists, STEM experiences, and the opportunity to be selected to represent Australia at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Further details to come.

Click here for more information on entry guidelines.

2021 BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards


Congratulations to the following students in the 2021 BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards


Secondary student finalists:

Lachlan Chau - Investigation / Experimental Research

Sidra Khan - Investigation / Experimental Research

Rebecca Paratz - Engineering / Inventions


Secondary student semi-finalists:

Caterina De Maria - Investigation / Experimental Research

Kloe Lashkariov-Lee - Engineering / Inventions


Primary student finalists:

Ruiheng Cai - Engineering / Inventions

Hayden Glenk - Engineering / Inventions

Grace Hallifax - Investigation / Experimental Research

Elise Orme - Investigation / Experimental Research

Tom Roberts - Investigation / Experimental Research


 Young Aussies recognised at the 2021 Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair


News update on student representatives from the 2020 BHPFSEA at the 2021 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair

CREST - Creativity in Research, Engineering, Science and Technology

If you are looking for engaging ways to inspire creativity in your science and technology teaching, try CREST – it provides support for teachers and students to undertake open-ended science and technology investigations. CREST can enhance your students' ability to produce high quality Experimental Research projects for Science Talent Search and BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards.


Science Talent Search wishes to thank our sponsors for their generous support. It is our privilege that we have many individuals and organisations who are invested in encouraging students to pursue an interest in scientific investigations. Sponsorship enables the competition to operate, and without it there would be no bursary prizes! Please check out our wonderful sponsors here.

Rowe Scientific Pty. Ltd.

STS welcomes Rowe Scientific Pty. Ltd. as a major sponsor which has enabled a significant boost to Experimental Research and Inventions prizes, as well as other educational initiatives.

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