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ImmuKNOW Kits
Teaching resource for Unit 3 Biology immunology concepts

ImmunKNOW Kit 3 bookletImmuKNOW is an easy to use visual teaching aid with movable immune cell representations
for use on whiteboards. Each component has a magnetic strip which allows it to be attached to magnetic whiteboards or any other flat steel surface. ImmuKNOW is colourful, engaging and clearly visible. It allows easy visualization of receptor/cell interactions such as T-cell receptors
and MHCs.

There are three ImmuKNOW kits available:

  • Kit 1: Immunity to infection
  • Kit 2: Allergy and allergic reactions
  • Kit 3: Humoral immunity.

Each kit is accompanied by an information booklet.

View sample page from information booklet

View Flyer
View sample of images   Sample 1    Sample 2

View snapshot of all images  Kit 1   Kit 2    Kit 3

Images for purchase

You can purchase the images for each kit as jpeg files on CD, either in addition to the hardcopy kit
or as an alternative to it.

If you already own the kits, you can purchase the images for $30 per kit.

Hardcopy kit and images combined are $90 per kit.

All prices include GST. Postage charges apply and are additional.


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