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Primary Science Teachers Workshops 2017

See below for information on each workshop

Venue: STAV House, 5 Munro Street, Coburg
Presenter: Helen Silvester
Registration fee: $30. afternoon tea provided

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Workshop 1: Teaching Inquiry in a primary classroom
Was on Wednesday 15 March 2017

Inquiry: an active learning process in which students research questions through data analysis. What is data analysis and how do you teach it in a primary classroom? What is the difference between open ended inquiry and closed inquiry? How do you plan for open inquiry in a mixed ability classroom? These questions will be answered with hands on demonstrations that you can take directly into your classroom the next day.

Workshop 2: Incorporating STEM into a primary classroom
Was on Wednesday 26 April 2017

The importance of STEM in future jobs is often discussed by the media, but what is STEM? What does a STEM lesson contain? This session will examine how to structure classes to encourage open ended inquiry in STEM. All teachers will leave this session with activities that they can implement in their own classrooms.

Workshop 3: Misconceptions in Science
Wednesday 19 July 2017 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm @ STAV House

Heavy objects fall faster than light objects.
Organisms adapt to their environment.
Steam is a gas.
All plants have roots.
These, and other science misconceptions will be addressed in a practical hands on way.

Workshop 4: TBC
Wednesday 11 October 2017 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm @ STAV House

Feedback from previous workshops:
Blown away – so enthusiastic.
Helen was excellent – really knew her stuff.
Very hands-on, practical, used everyday resources and materials. Understands science is difficult.
I will be teaching science in a very different way from now on. Focus on vocabulary and slowing everything down to explore everything from many different angles.


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