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Online Call for Sessions Submission


Presenter registration

The MAIN PRESENTER and the FIRST co-presenter are free of charge for the session they are presenting. All subsequent co-presenters are charged $75 each.

All presenters are able to register free of charge for other sessions at this conference on the day they present and are not full.

STAV does not pay presenters nor do we pay CRT to schools. 

Terms and conditions for submitting a session:

  • The Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria (STAV) reserves the right not to accept a session in order to meet deadlines and/or maintain quality and balance of the program.
  • All rules and regulations regarding copyright are to be followed.
  • If you are promoting a product within your session, this MUST be made clear by indicating that it is a ‘Commercial Presentation’ on the Call for Sessions form. STAV does not support unsolicited advertising and delegates become irritated when faced with unexpected promotion within their chosen sessions. Presenters who fail to heed this warning may not be permitted to present at future conferences.
  • If you cancel your presentation after the conference program has been published STAV may suspend your application to present at future conferences.
  • Sessions will not be cancelled with 5 or more delegates registered.
  • Sessions may be cancelled with less than 5 delegates registered 7 days prior to the conference.
  • Photocopying (limited to 4 double-sided pages – black and white only) – originals must be emailed ( or delivered to STAV House 7 days prior to the conference.

    STAV House
    5 Munro Street, Coburg Victoria 3058

  • No photocopying will be accepted after this date (no photocopying will be available at venues).
  • You MUST have written permission from your Principal or organisation to attend the conference BEFORE submitting a session

Permission from Principal or Organisation to attend the conference.

Permission to deliver

If any of the content or resources of your presentation or workshop may be drawn from a role you perform under contract to a third party (eg, publisher or examinations board) it is your obligation to inform the third party of the nature of your proposed presentation or workshop and, if required, obtain their consent to your proposed content and use of resources before submitting your proposal to STAV. Submission of your proposal to STAV will be taken to mean that you have taken all appropriate steps to determine whether or not the content of your proposed presentation or workshop is or is not drawn from a role you perform under contract to a third party and, if so, that you have, if required, obtained their consent. STAV will reserve the right to seek recompense in the event that a presentation or workshop is cancelled if it is shown that you have not observed this requirement.

I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions

It is a prerequisite of submitting a paper to tick BOTH boxes.